Extreme Weight Loss: It CAN Be Done!

This amazing success story of a determined women who lost over 100 pounds reminds us that extreme weight loss is possible.


Hannah Casey had given up. At 5’4” and living on her own at college, she was eating everything in sight due to stress and weighed in at 248 pounds. She had no control over her eating and admits, at that time, if she sat down to eat one bag of extra buttery popcorn, she would eat all six bags in the box at one sitting. She became the ‘victim’ of yo-yo diets and tried all that came her way.

“I became the queen of fads and quick fixes. If I read that drinking grapefruit juice for a week would help you lose a few pounds, then I did it.” In January of 2011 when she weighed in at 248 pounds, she was suffering from joint pain, high blood pressure and digestive issues. Something had to be done.

So she took action. One day, after finding her size- 20 pants would not close, she began her journey down the scale. She started her own blog to chronicle her weight loss and concedes that “Knowing I had to post my weight each Monday was an incredible motivator.” She did fine for three months, and then wham, she was diagnosed with celiac disease. Out the window went eating out as well as gluten. She switched from processed to whole foods prepared mostly at home and successfully lost 40 pounds in 4 months.

Hannah continued on this successful journey and now, at 33, she weighs in at 146 pounds and is busy doing all she wants to do in her life.

So how did she really do it? Let’s look at some of her invaluable tips.


  •         First, she recommends not spending all your calories or sugar for one day on something you can drink in five minutes. “Swap soda or sweet tea for water or unsweetened tea,” she advises. This makes your calories go further.
  •         Second, she warns not to think that gluten-free is necessarily less fattening or lower in calories. “Going gluten-free doesn’t always mean weight loss. A lot of these products are more calorically dense than their wheat counterparts,” she shares. “I focus instead on organic foods.” This gives a more realistic view of your calorie intake.
  •         Finally, she advises there is nothing more effective than good old fashioned exercise. “Walk ten more steps, park one space farther away, or do one more jumping jack. You will look back in just a handful of months and be amazed at how far you’ve come!” It worked for her!

With such an incredible success story as this of a victory over stress eating, who wouldn’t want to follow Hannah’s steps? For more on her journey, check out the June 2015 issue of  Women’s Health and see for yourself that you can do it, too.

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