Is Crossfit A Good Way To Get Fit?

Although Crossfit is very popular, there are many people who don’t believe training is a good way to get in shape. Can Crossfit help you get in shape, or will it only hurt you?

The answer isn’t a simple one. Crossfit classes can be a great way to lose weight and get healthy, but there are some drawbacks to the training. Find out the good and the bad.

The Benefits of Crossfit


  1. You get a killer workout

The best part of Crossfit is the intensity of the workout. You burn through calories quicker than you would jogging or swimming. In a short hour, you’ll end up working muscles you didn’t even know you had.

  1. Extra motivation

Crossfit classes are held in groups. Because you’re training alongside other people, you have extra motivation to keep going. Instead of stopping after eight reps, you get encouragement from your fellow fitness friends.

  1. Build muscle

If you’re looking to build muscle, Crossfit is the way to go. Although the workout of the day (WOD) is constantly changing, many exercises involve free weights. And because the classes are taught by qualified instructors, you learn how to do the exercises the right way.

  1. Most gyms have classes all day

When you do Crossfit, it’s hard to find an excuse not to make it to the gym. That’s because most Crossfit gyms have classes all day long. No matter how busy your schedule is, there’s a Crossfit class that fits your schedule. You can throw the excuses out the window.

The Drawbacks of Crossfit


  1. Injury

When Crossfitters never learned proper technique (or just choose not to do an exercise the right way), injuries happen. Unfortunately, Crossfit injuries are a common occurrence. It’s easy to slip a disc, tear an ACL, or pull a muscle when you’re lifting weights quickly. Doing Crossfit puts your body at more risk than some other types of workout routines.

  1. Too much competition

Too much competition can be a bad thing. In Crossfit, it’s all about finishing the WOD first. In order to be first, some people might sacrifice form for speed, leading back to drawback number one: injury.

It can also put a lot of stress and pressure on you. Working out is supposed to be fun. You shouldn’t have to get down on yourself because you couldn’t finish fifty push-ups before the guy next to you. Some gyms focus on the competitive side of training a little too much.

  1. Not all instructors are created equal

Although Crossfit does have its own certification system, some instructors are not as knowledgeable as others. They might not teach beginners proper form, or might create a WOD that isn’t effective. To avoid having bad instructors, you have to find a good gym with good reviews.

Is Crossfit Good or Bad?

It’s both. If you find a right gym and train the right way, Crossfit can be a great way to lose weight fast. But training at the wrong gym or training with poor form can be downright dangerous. Before you try Crossfit, make sure you do your research.

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