Battle Ropes: An Athlete’s Secret Weapon To Success

Have you ever seen those tough guys at the gym slamming a thick rope into the ground over and over again? Those are battle ropes,  and they’re aptly named.  Using them for a workout makes you feel like you actually are in a battle. They’re a great tool for weight loss, strength,  and endurance. And they’re made for anyone.  Find out how you can use battle ropes in your exercise routine.

Why Are Battle Ropes Good For Weight Loss?

Battle ropes are thick ropes that usually are between 30 and 50 feet long. Most of them weigh over 20 pounds, so they’re not easy to swing around. This is what makes battle ropes such an effective exercise. In fact, it’s so effective that one study shows you can burn 112 calories in only 10 minutes (Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research)!

Using battle ropes requires you to use your whole body, from your calves to your neck. When dove correctly, your core is constantly engaged. If you’re looking to sculpt arm muscles, battle ropes are ideal because you’re forced to isolate one arm at a time, making you develop more strength in your arms. Many MMA gyms use battle ropes as part of their strength and conditioning programs because the workout is so intense.

How Can You Use Battle Ropes?

Battle ropes are becoming more and more popular in gyms. The rope gets wrapped once around a pole, kettlebell, or punching bag base. Hold each end of the rope in each hand. Walk backwards until the rope is taught, and you’re ready to go. To make the most of the battle ropes, incorporate the following exercises into a circuit.

Sample Exercises:

  1. Alternating WavesAlternate-Wave

Holding the battle ropes in your hands, start by swinging the rope in your left arm up and down. As it goes down, lift your right arm up and slam the rope down.

2. Squat Waves squatwaves

Get into a squat position. Just as you would in the exercise above, alternate the ropes back and forth. Stay in a squat position, keeping your core tight.

3. Single Slam slam

Hold the battle ropes in each hand. Bring them up at the same time, and then bend your knees and slam them down into the ground as hard as you can.

4. Uppercuts uppercut

With your palms facing the ceiling, grab the battle ropes. Swing the left rope up, as if you were doing an uppercut. Swing the rope down and do the same with your right rope.

5. Circlesoutside

Hold the ropes in each hand. Swing each rope to the outside, not letting them touch in the middle. This exercise takes a little practice, but once you get it it’s like riding a bike.

Enjoy your battle ropes workout. If you can get through it, you’re a true warrior.

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