Get Over Your Fear: Extreme Weight Loss Story

Learn About Brittany's Extreme Weight Loss Story and how she overcame her fears of living healthy to lose 40 lbs in 4 months.

Brittany Wolfe lost 40 pounds, but her extreme weight loss journey didn’t start until she had a moment of clarity. After a second visit with an old friend (now her boyfriend) and hearing about how he’s fallen in love with working out and the feeling of confidence he gets, she knew she wanted to change. But change is hard, and she kept putting it off. Telling herself that others just needed to accept her for who she was. When she got home from that second visit, she realized that losing weight wasn’t about what other people thought of her, but about getting healthy and finding her own confidence. She took a long look at herself and knew she couldn’t make any more excuses.

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The company she works for manages fitness centers, so she already had a free gym membership. Going to the gym that first time was hard, though. She was really intimidated, but she did it. Initially, she got herself through the door by telling herself she would just go and get her picture taken. Then she got on the treadmill and walked a mile. She said she felt so great and confident that it ended up being a wonderful experience. Not long after that, she quit her pack-a-day smoking habit cold turkey – the new confidence helped with that too.

The next step came when she realized she needed to start getting more nutrition and a lot less fried and processed foods. She bought a food scale and began making her own meals. When she started with healthier eating, her lunches and dinners were usually 4 oz. of chicken, asparagus and a boiled egg. It was a start. Over time, she added in other proteins, veggies, and fruits. Not bad for a girl who grew up in a family that didn’t eat vegetables. Initially, she skipped breakfast thinking it would help her lose weight faster, but then she’d be so hungry at night and facing a lot of temptation. So she added protein shakes for breakfast.

Since changing to a healthy lifestyle, she sleeps better, is more focused and has lots more energy. Her workouts now vary between an hour of cardio or 40 minutes of strength training. She’s not yet hit her goal, but one thing she’s learned … how to make changes to move to the next level. It’s a process.

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