Wondering how get rid of cellulite? These treatments actually work!

Just because a woman is slender, and fit does not mean she won’t be faced with cellulite appearing on her body at some point during her life. Cellulite affects almost 90% of women because genetics and cellulite go hand in hand.

Cellulite and Genetics

If your mom or grandmother had cellulite, you also have a chance of developing it since the condition runs in your family’s genetic makeup. In fact, depending upon your family gene variant, you could be at low, moderate, or high risk for developing a severe cellulite condition. As you progress into womanhood – don’t wait to see signs of cellulite – ward it off before it appears. Maintaining a healthy weight, diet, and exercise definitely play important roles as does heredity in your fight against cellulite.

Proactive Treatment and Avoidance of Cellulite

There is a torrent of misinformation on the Internet about how to avoid or treat cellulite. Don’t blame your mom and start searching for a plastic surgeon. Also, avoid the temptation of purchasing over-the-counter products costing more than your car payment. Here are some non-invasive as well as invasive methods of treating cellulite or proactively avoiding it altogether.

Women produce a hormone known as estrogen that helps blood move smoothly through the body. As a woman ages, her body naturally produces less estrogen, which results in poor blood flow and circulation. This restriction of blood circulation causes a decrease in collagen production in conjunction with the breakdown of the woman’s existing connective tissue. This hormonal role results in the appearance of cellulite.

Non-invasive Cellulite Treatments

Tip #1 High-Intensity Exercise. Exercise can help prevent and reduce the appearance of cellulite because the condition appears when the connective fibers beneath your skin become loose or weak, losing their elasticity. By stretching and strengthening these connective fibers, the appearance of cellulite can be reduced. Firming and toning the muscles around the condition will tighten your skin and make cellulite less noticeable. Yoga exercises focusing on the buttocks and thighs help provide strength-training to boost blood flow circulation and build muscle. As an added benefit, high-intensity exercise burns away excess fat that exacerbates the appearance of cellulite.

Tip #2 Weight Resistance Training. Your metabolic rate for burning calories raises as you gain muscle through weight training. Weight training increases your metabolism, allowing your body to tap into its stored fat. Because muscle connecting tissues trap cellulite, weight resistance training helps rearrange these tissues and evens out the appearance of cellulite. In turn, body fat loss through weight resistance training alleviates pressure between the connective tissues and your upper layer of fat – reducing cellulite.

Tip #3 Diet. Certain whole foods are out there and available for you to fight cellulite. Produce items containing a high water


content – 90% – such as cucumbers, radishes, tomatoes, and bell peppers are in this category. Eating a well-balanced, vegetable enhanced diet reduces inflammation within your body and helps achieve a healthy weight. A diet that fights cellulite also includes a lot of water. Stay hydrated by eating high water content veggies, along with other fruits and vegetables – and drink water.

Tip #4 Topical Creams. Studies have shown that some topical cream products containing retinoids – or retinol in the over-the-counter department and drug stores – may temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite. These retinoid topical cream products create a skin physically thick enough to help hide cellulite concaves and dimples.

There is also some proof that creams and scrubs containing caffeine, ginger, green tea, or black tea – stimulant ingredients – improve blood flow circulation beneath the skin. breaking down fatty cells, thereby reducing the appearance of cellulite.

Tip #5 Laser Treatments.


Laser, radio-frequency, and massaging techniques are non-invasive forms of treating cellulite that work to reduce the unsightly appearance of cellulite. Even though these treatments are short term and do not have lasting effect, they produce visible positive results.

TriActiv and VelaSmooth laser treatments have been shown to greatly reduce the appearance of cellulite. However, these options require 10 to 15 sessions before showing improvements and, after that, monthly maintenance.

The radio-frequency Thermage CL laser treatment has shown results that last for 6 months to a year.

Laser treatments can help make your arms, thighs, butt, and tummy look better by eliminating unsightly cellulite.

Invasive Cellulite Treatments

Tip #6 Injectable skin filler treatments. Restylane and Radiesse are injectable dermal fillers primarily used to plump up sagging cheekbones and remove facial wrinkles. These types of injectable skin filler treatments also reduce the appearance of cellulite – although temporarily, lasting up to 3 months. Basically, these skin fillers even out your dimply and concave skin in cellulite-plagued areas of your body.

Tip #7 Endermologie. This is a non-surgical vacuum-type


procedure. It has been proven to lessen the appearance of cellulite. The procedure involves rolling a suctioning medical device over a client’s skin – those topical areas being affected by cellulite – pulling and squeezing these spots for  30 minutes. Usually, two treatments per week for up to 10 weeks are required before results are visible.

Tip #8 No Dermatologist Required. You don’t need to seek out a dermatologist to receive cellulite treatments – such as Endermologie and other non-invasive laser procedures – because medispas have an abundant presence in today’s marketplace. These medispas have trained and licensed technicians to perform treatments with your selected non-invasive device.

Tip #9 Avoid Liposuction. This invasive treatment is not a solution to reduce or eliminate problem cellulite. In fact, liposuction has been proven to make cellulite distribution uneven exacerbating your problem cellulite.

Tip #10 Avoid Smoking. Cigarette smoke reduces blood vessel flow within your body. When blood vessel flow is reduced, collagen formation is weakened and disrupted. This results in connective tissue becoming stretched, which allows underlying fat to show through your skin in a dimply form – cellulite.

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