9 Fitness Facebook Pages are Worth a “Like”

Great Fitness Facebook Pages to help motivate your healthy living lifestyle

Sometimes we all need a little extra motivation to help us tackle our workouts or stay on track to accomplish our fitness goals. That’s where Facebook can come in handy. Fortunately, there are many fitness Facebook pages out there meant to motivate and inspire people to achieve their goals. Here are 10 everyone should like right now!


This motivational page was started by a mom of four. She posts follow-along, home workouts, healthy food ideas, natural health tips, and more on her page. She started it to help motivate herself to get healthier after having her kids. Thanks to fitness, healthy eating and natural health, she feels more in control of her life. Feeling empowered and motivated lets her help others achieve their goals.


This page shares an array of different Pilates workouts, as well as awesome healthy recipes. She also posts tutorials on proper stretching, because that’s one of the most important components of working out.

6Words With Lisbeth

There are a lot of CrossFit pages out there, but many are often tough and masculine. That’s why Words With Lisbeth is so refreshing and popular among women. Her page is filled with motivational teachings and reminders to keep you focused and motivated to achieve your personal fitness goals.

5Girls Gone Strong

This is a great motivational page emphasizing the importance of physical strength, mental strength, and strength of character. It also serves as a sounding board for the Girls Gone Strong movement motivating women to get into the gym and be strong. The page also has a slew of inspirational videos, strength-building tips and interviews from strong women to motivate and inspire women to achieve their goals.


Not only is Athleta known for their cute, comfy workout clothing, but their Facebook page is well known for posting inspirational stories and links to their blog, as well as anything related to improving your mental health to healthy, delicious recipes.


This page was started by the figure competitor and SmashFit owner, Heather Frey. Her Facebook page exists to encourage people to make positive changes in their lives. She motivates followers to do their workouts and achieve their fitness goals. It’s a great page to follow if you’re looking for someone to hold you accountable and if you need that little extra push to get you to the gym.

2Thrive as the Fittest

This page exists to motivate women to fearlessly include strength training and get strong. It was started by Jen Sinkler, and her page is regularly updated with motivational quotes, training tips, and all around inspiration helping you stay focused and driven to become the best you that you can.

1Rachel Cosgrove

She’s well known as a personal trainer to Hollywood stars and for her tough-love mentality when it comes to training and all things fitness related. Her page is filled with personal, motivational stories, fitness tips, and advice everyone finds beneficial.

These are the best fitness Facebook pages out there. For more information, check out 9 Facebook Pages You Will Love to “Like.”

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