4 Healthy Reasons for Drinking Warm Lemon Water

Upping H2O intake is a great way to lose weight, look better and improve their health, but warming that water up and adding some lemon magnifies those health benefits manifold. Find out why warm lemon water has so many health benefits and why you should substitute warm lemon water for your morning cup of coffee or energy drink.


What’s your morning hot drink of choice? Perhaps you regrettably answer coffee or tea. With recent studies revealing the negative health effects caffeine can have on the mind and body, many professionals within the healthy and fitness industry are encouraging their clients to give up coffee and other caffeinated drinks. Overcoming a caffeine addiction, especially if your method of delivery revolves around a hot cup of coffee in the morning, can be much easier if you have a warm replacement.

4 Warm Lemon Water Benefits

Hot Lemon Water is a great substitute for morning coffee. Warm lemon water is free of unhealthy stimulants like caffeine, and this citrus drink provides a refreshing taste to wake you up in the morning. But more than anything else you should consider drinking hot lemon water every morning because of the numerous health benefits this drink provides.

The Lemon Water Diet

Drinking Warm Lemon Water promotes weight loss. Incorporating warm lemon water into your diet is a great supplement for healthy weight loss. First of all warm lemon water is a no-calorie substitute for a hot drink with lots of added sugar and creamer. Even if you use honey in your warm lemon water to neutralize the sour kick of lemon juice, it’s not a bad option as you get twice the sweetening power with the same amount of calories when you compare sugar to honey. Additionally, the lemon juice in warm lemon water has pectin in it, which is a soluble fiber. That means, even though you aren’t taking in any calories to speak of with the lemon and water, you’ll add some fiber to help feel full. This is the science behind the lemon water diet and other weight loss diets that use lemon juice or lemon water as a main staple. 

Heating up your lemon water further promotes weight loss because hot drinks have been shown to trigger satisfaction signals to your brain, ultimately making you feel full.

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Warm Lemon Water Detox

Lemon Detoxes your body. Lemon juice is a common ingredient in master cleanse recipes. There are also several cleanse recipes and detox drinks that call for lemon juice as its main staple because of its ability to detox the body of stored up toxins. Lemon water is such an efficient body cleanse ingredient because lemon juice is chalk full of healthy acids and a high amount of alkali, both known for allowing your body to release stored toxins more easily. For the same reason, warm lemon water is also a great anti-inflammatory, releasing excess fluids from your system. The combo of hot water and lemon wakes your liver, so it works better and harder at flushing the system. And all that flushing and detoxifying, is going to make your skin glow with hydration. As a side effect, it can help clear up blemishes.

Drinking Warm Lemon Water Aids Digestion

Warm lemon water helps your digestive tract function faster and more effectively. Another way of saying it, warm lemon water wakes up your digestive tract, and promotes movement. Drinking warm lemon water each morning also helps your digestion because a functioning, moving digestive will begin to absorb more of the nutrients because the system is not locked down like a clogged drain pipe.

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Warm Lemon Water Treats Acid Reflux and Bloating

Warm lemon water helps people with prevalent acid reflex to cut back on antacids. This is one of the lesser known warm lemon water benefits, but this citrus power drink rids the body of excess acid that builds in your system leading to acid reflex and other uncomfortable, painful after effects of eating. Warm lemon water also reduces the bloat that’s been leaving you sluggish and tired.

Warm Lemon Water Recipe

Want to get started on a warm lemon water diet? Here is a great lemon water recipe from SHAPE Army:

  • 1 C hot water (not quite to boiling – or cooled for a minute or two after boiling)
  • Juice of ½ lemon – fresh squeezed
    • Optional – Cinnamon stick – this can increase the weight-loss effect. Cinnamon lowers blood sugar levels, amps up your metabolism, helps burn belly fat, and suppresses appetite.
    • Optional – 1 teaspoon raw honey – or to taste

Many of these amazing reasons have been shared in drink-hot-lemon-water. Get some lemons today and enjoy a better day tomorrow.

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