The Four Worst Fad Diets for Losing Weight

Find out why detox diets like the master cleanse, the Paleo Diet, and other fad diets that are popular in the fitness industry are actually unhealthy, sometimes even dangerous, and absolutely ineffective ways to lose weight..

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Although the internet can be a great resource for health facts and diet tips, it’s also full of bad information, like fad diets. Most fad diets don’t work, and can even end up doing more harm than good. Learn about the four worst fad diets and what makes them so terrible.

1Master Cleanse

There’s nothing that sounds good about the Master Cleanse Diet. This “detox diet” requires you to start each day off with four cups of salt water. Instead of consuming food, you’re supposed to drink between six and twelve cups of a special “lemonade”. The drink hardly tastes like the refreshing drink you would get in a frosty glass on a hot day- it’s made of lemon juice, cayenne pepper, water, and some maple syrup. If you’re mouth isn’t watering yet, just think of the laxative tea you have to drink every night. Best of all, you have to do this for ten days.

Aside from sounding utterly disgusting, the diet isn’t good for you. Salt water is a natural emetic -something that induces vomiting. Combine that with laxative tea, and the Master Cleanse Diet will leave you dehydrated and exhausted. Not to mention that drinking this caustic concoction for a 10 day cycle can deprive your body of the nutrients it needs.

Want a recipe for a healthy, hydrating drink to cleanse your body? It’s as simple as lemon and water. You’ll be surprised to learn the 4 main reasons drinking warm lemon water is so healthy for you.

2Raw Food Diet

A Raw Food Diet, such as the Paleo Diet, is pretty self explanatory. Its menu consists totally of raw foods. Eating nothing but raw food demands that you remove all processed and cooked foods from your diet. It’s a lifestyle diet, so you’re supposed to stick with it, forever. You end up eating nuts, raw fruits and veggies, and sprouts.

Most people who follow the Paleo Diet cannot commit to being a raw foods purist, allowing some exceptions into their diet, so there is a growing consensus within the Paleo Diet community that allows for a little leeway for you to make your own rules. Nevertheless, you’re seriously limiting yourself when your nutritional intake is confined to a Raw Foods Diet.

You may lose weight on the Raw Foods Diet, but your weight loss is destined to be short lived because the Paleo Diet, or any Raw Foods Diet variant, is highly impractical. First of all, the restrictive menu of a Paleo or Raw Foods Diet lacks essential vitamins your body needs, such as B12 and other nutrients, requiring a Paleo eater to supplement these essentials nutrients that are missing from their diet. Even more problematic than its lack of essential nutrients, the Paleo or Raw Foods Diet is very hard to maintain. Try going to a typical restaurant and ask them for their raw food menu- you’ll probably be out of luck.

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3Cotton Ball Diet


Yes, this is a real thing. You take cotton balls and soak them in orange juice (or another liquid) then down the hatch. The idea is that the zero calorie cotton ball will take up space in your stomach, triggering the sensation of satiety, or feeling full. Some people have a ball before a meal, while others have a cotton ball or two instead of a meal.

This diet is as absurd as it sounds, and it is very dangerous for you -tape worm diet type dangerous. Most cotton balls don’t even contain cotton, so you end up eating processed chemicals. Even worse, you could get an intestinal blockage, like the family dog, that nearly died after eating a stuffed animal.

If you are looking for a healthy alternate to tricking your body into thinking it is full so you eat less, simply drink a glass of water before each meal. Not only will this help you consume less, but you’ll be hydrating your body at the same time.


4Cabbage Soup Diet

There are plenty of diets similar to the Cabbage Soup Diet. The concept? Eat one food all day, for a short-term, rapid weight loss. In this case, it’s cabbage soup. The problem with all of these diets is that it’s not sustainable. It might help you lose weight quickly, but is very ineffective for attaining permanent weight loss. The cabbage soup diet is the perfect recipe for Yo-Yo weight loss. And, just like the previous fad diets that are bad for you, eating nothing but cabbage soup strips essential vitamins and nutrients from your diet.

Which Fad Diets Should You Try?

To be honest, you don’t need to try fad diets. The best thing you can do is to find healthy eating and exercise habits that you can maintain over a lifetime. Otherwise, you may lose a few pounds, but chances are you’ll put the weight back on as soon as you’re off the diet. In fact, you may end up binge eating to make up for all the deprivation and weigh more than you did when you started.

If you are serious about getting in shape, whether it is through extreme weight loss, or by strength training to build up muscle mass, your diet is in integral factor in your success. Don’t sabotage your efforts for getting into shape with these, or any other, fad diets. Learn the what to eat and how to eat to lose weight and gain muscle here. > >

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