Eat Like Rhonda Rousey to Not Look Lousy

Chances are, you can’t last twenty seconds in the cage with “Rowdy” Rousey. But, maybe you can last on her diet. To learn the recipe for dieting success, find out what (and how) UFC Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey eats.

Rousey follows the Dolce Diet, which focuses on using foods high in nutrients to allow muscles to recover after workouts. For Ronda, this means eating is more about fueling her body than it is pleasing her tastebuds. She uses what she eats to give her body what she needs to train.

Breakfast Time

What is the breakfast of champions? In the mornings, the undefeated fighter starts out with something that can get her through her workout. No one can train without energy, so she has a breakfast loaded with energy-rich food. She has a chia bowl with oats, almond butter, chia seeds, hemp seeds, raisins and cinnamon. Every ingredient fuels the body for an intense workout.

When the champ is done with her morning training session, she has a post-workout smoothie. The timing of any post-workout smoothie is everything. In order to promote muscle growth, you should have your smoothie as soon as possible. It makes the most of all the work you put in at the gym.

You should also put the right things in your smoothie. As delicious as a chocolate, peanut-butter and whipped cream smoothie might be, you should stick to healthy and nutrient-rich ingredients. Rousey puts things like kale, spinach and beets in her smoothies.

Lunch Time

To get her protein, Rousey usually has a scramble for lunch. Two eggs and turkey bacon give her plenty of protein. Combined with nutrient-loaded foods like avocado, spinach and Ezekiel bread, the scramble is enough to fuel the champion until her next meal.

In the afternoon, the bantamweight sometimes has another protein-packed meal before training. Steak with asparagus, broccoli and mushrooms gives her the energy she needs. Eating too little during the day can really wear your body down. Having a meal like this before a tough workout can give you a big energy boost and let you reach your potential in the gym.

After her workout, Rousey has another post-workout smoothie. She usually makes a big one in the morning and drinks half in the morning, then half in the evening. It’s a great way to keep things easy.

Rhonda Rousey

The smoothie is followed by another meal. Ronda’s go-to dinner? Turkey chili. Ground turkey, beans, hemp seeds, bell peppers, avocado and cayenne are all in the tasty dish. LikeRousey, the combination is a winner. The cayenne even ramps up your metabolism, helping you burn through calories quicker.

Even Ronda treats herself to dessert. She occasionally treats herself to greek yogurt with chia seeds and agave. Completely depriving yourself during a diet can lead to disaster. Satisfy a sweet-tooth with something healthy, but sweet.

When it comes to eating right, you should learn from the best. Why not take a page from a champion’s recipe book? It may not make you a champ, but might make you feel like one.

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