11 Low Calorie Cocktail Recipes

If you are on a diet or trying to lose some belly fat, alcohol can be your downfall. Fortunately these tasty, low calorie cocktail recipes are a healthier alternative to high calorie beer and wine.

Sometimes you just need a night out to kick up your heels and get a little rowdy. But low calorie alcoholic drinks can be hard to come by.  These cocktails are tasty, healthier, and are mixed with some healthy nutrients. Check ‘em out.

Botanical Gin Martini


The drink has many health benefits being one of the better low calorie alcoholic drinks, especially when compared to the calories in wine or beer. This Botanical Gin Martini was created by bar manager, Mark Aquilinio of Davio’s Northern Italian Steak House in Philadelphia.

The ingredients for this healthy cocktail recipe includes a dash of vermouth, 2 oz. of Bombay Sapphire Gin, one botanical ice cube, and several frozen cucumber wheels. Combine ingredients (with some plain ice), except botanical ice cube and cucumbers, in a shaker with a strainer. Line martini glass with frozen cucumber wheels and place botanical ice cube at the bottom of the glass. Strain the cocktail into the prepared glass and enjoy.

Make botanical ice cubes by chopping two English cucumbers, seeds and peels included. Add 1 oz. of cilantro seeds and one cup of simple syrup in a blender and puree. Strain through a fine sieve and freeze in small silicon molds. Or if you prefer, you can freeze in larger chunks with a wider area so you can shave the botanical ice.  Simple syrup is 1/4 C water and ¾ C sugar – heated until the sugar is dissolved.



This one has a little cranberry juice, which is good for detoxing your body. Make this Cosmo lighter (approx. 218-calorie), by cutting back on the liquor and replacing with some club soda. In a cocktail shaker combine 1 shot (about 2 ounces) citrus-flavored vodka, 1 splash club soda, 1 splash cranberry juice, and the juice of 1 lime wedge; shake well and strain into a chilled martini glass. You’ve just slashed 100 calories and won’t taste a bit of a difference.



Eppa Sangria is the first certified organic sangria. It is only 120 calories per glass and contains twice as many antioxidants as what you’d get in the same amount of red wine. You can buy a bottle for about $12. Just pour it over ice and garnish with an orange slice if you need a quick and easy Sangria for guests or a relaxing night at home on your own.

But, if you want to go a bit fancier, mix one bottle of Eppa Sangria, a couple of different fruits such as a green apple, orange, cranberries, grapes or mangos. Throw in a couple of cinnamon sticks. Chop the fruit up into bite sized pieces and put it all in a wide-mouthed decanter or a punch bowl. Put it in the fridge to chill for an hour and then enjoy the party.

This one only takes a couple of minutes to prepare and was created by Emilie Yount at Recipe4Living.com. To make one serving it takes 3-4 mint leaves, a lime wedge (1/8 of a lime), 1 oz. white rum, your favorite low-cal lemon-lime drink (Sprite Zero, Diet 7-Up or Diet Sierra Mist would work well), ice, and just enough sugar to dust the rim of the glass.

Crush the mint leaves until bruised (that’s called muddling them) with the rum and juice from the lime wedge. A mortar and pestle work well, but you can use the back of a spoon against a hard surface too. Don’t shred the mint. Run the squeezed lime wedge around the rim of the glass and dip in the sugar. If the sugar is on a shallow plate it works well – you could even use a paper plate. Pour the mixture into the glass and add the soda. Mint is great for helping you feel more alert and energized.



Ginger is often used to calm motion sickness and can ease an upset stomach. At La Costa Resort and Spa, their Ginger Elixir, from the Legends Bistro and the Spa Café, is often served before a meal to prepare for the dining experience to come. To make one, blend one cup of lemon juice, one cup of ginger juice, one cup of water, and ¼ cup of raw honey. Make sure it is blended well and then serve. This should give you at least 3-4 servings and no alcohol is involved.



Sage has several health benefits and is easily identified by it’s a wonderfully distinct flavor that usually is earthy with a lemony undertone. Sage can help improve memory, relieve a sore throat, calm allergies, and calm tummy troubles. To make this drink, mix 2 oz. of Don Julio Blanco tequila, 1 oz. of Cointreau, 3 fresh sage leaves, 2 oz. simple syrup, and 2 oz. of fresh-squeezed lime juice. Combine all contents in a tumbler, shake, and then put it in a margarita glass to enjoy. If you want to make it especially festive, run the lime around the rim of the glass (before pouring in the mixture) and then dip in a shallow layer of sea salt.



Here’s another alcohol-free option, it’s from Bethany Frankl. Combine about 2 oz. each of club soda and peach juice, then add a splash of OJ and lemonade in a shaker filled with ice. Stir and strain into a rocks glass filled with ice – garnish with a lemon or orange wedge. This one weighs in at only 34 calories.



Miranda Lambert introduced us to this one the day before Valentine’s 2012. It’s a mix of Bacardi and Crystal Light. The fun of this is you get to choose the Crystal Light flavor to try. One fan said she loves the Vanilla Bacardi with Pink Lemonade Crystal Light – said it tastes like cotton candy. What would be your combo of choice?



Lexington Social House in Hollywood serves this light and citrusy cocktail (created by Bar Manager Kyle Ackley).You use a new reduced calorie vodka called Voli Lyte, pineapple juice (great for detoxifying), agave nectar, lime juice, and some fresh tarragon that has over 70 phytonutrients. Mix it together and enjoy over ice. It would also be great as an adult shaved ice on a hot summer evening.



This is a Japanese distilled liquor made from wheat, barley, rice, or sweet potatoes. It has a low alcohol and sugar content, and lower calories too. One shot of it is only 26 calories, compared with 97 in a shot of vodka or 59 in a shot of sake.

1Vitality Vodka Lemonade

If you like having some texture to your vodka, this one is perfect for  low calorie cocktails. Blend 2 celery stalks, one head romaine lettuce, 2 green apples, one cucumber, juice from one lemon and a small piece of fresh ginger. Then add vodka to taste, or if you prefer, use club soda instead.

Looking for more ideas – we pulled these from a couple of sources, new-healthy-cocktail-recipes and health.com

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