TRX Workouts for Weight Loss: A Beginner’s Guide

TRX workouts are great for strength training. These suspension training workouts are ideal for getting the beginner on the right path to weight loss.

You may have heard of TRX, or seen someone hanging from the straps in the gym. TRX workouts encompass a type of suspension training that uses straps and webbing for an incredible strength training regime that utilizes your own body weight as resistance.

TRX workouts are great for losing weight as well as developing strength, sculpting muscle, increasing stamina, and developing balance. But, not many people know how to use it. Don’t be afraid to try it; Here’s a basic guide to using this incredible weight loss tool the right way.

What are TRX Workouts?

TRX workouts use a simple suspension system. The rope system has two handholds and an adjustable harness that either hooks around an object (like a tree) or hangs from behind a door. You place your hands or feet in the handles and can do a variety of exercises. All of your body weight is used while you exercise, making it hard to “cheat”.

Why are TRX Workouts great for weight loss?

TRX workouts can really help you lose weight and get fit. Here are a few reasons why:

1) You can do hundreds of different TRX workouts

There are very little limitations to doing TRX; you can modify almost any exercise you can think of for your TRX workout. That means you can get a complete body workout, using almost every muscle in your body.

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2) The core is the focus of TRX Workouts.

Every TRX exercise requires you to have some serious core stability. Pushups are the ultimate total body workout. But when you incorporate TRX into your pushup regime, the results can be incredible.

When you do push-ups during TRX workouts, your feet are in the straps and your hands are holding up all of your body’s weight. A simple push-up requires you to use your abdominal muscles as you try to stay balanced. You end up working your core as you work other muscles, burning more calories than you would during other workouts.

3) TRX Workouts are portable

Everyone has excuses when it comes to exercising. Maybe you have a crazy work schedule. Or, you don’t have a local gym. TRX takes away those excuses. You can perform TRX Workouts practically anywhere; it’s the perfect way to squeeze in a quick, yet effective at-home workout.

TRX is a great workout program for losing weight and getting in shape at home. Check out these other suggestions from Shape Army for equipping your home gym. 

TRX Workouts: A Beginner’s Guide:

Here’s a quick TRX workout that is a great strength training regime for beginners. To get you started on your weight loss journey. Do each exercise for as many reps as you’d like, and repeat the circuit three times.


Adjust the TRX handles so they come to your waist. Hold one in each hand and bring your feet back, so you’re in a push-up position. Using your core to stay balanced, dip down and up (just like you would while doing a regular push-up).


Plank workouts are great for strengthening your core. Adjust the straps so they sit about a foot above the ground. Place your feet in the straps and lay on your stomach. Lift yourself up into a plank position, and hold it as long as you can.


Yet again, adjust the straps to waist level. Holding the straps with your hands, start to lean back a little. Bring yourself down into a squat, focusing on good form. Come back up into a standing position, and repeat.

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Move the handles so they are level with your chest. Grip the handles and bring your feet forward a few steps. Lean back, and keep your core tight. Using your back and biceps, pull yourself back up. Slowly drop down, and repeat.


TRX crunches are a great core workout. After placing the handles about a foot above the floor, put your feet in the handles. Put your palms on the floor and your stomach should be facing the ground. Slowly pull your knees in to your body. Just as slowly, you want to push your legs back to the starting position. Repeat the motion.


Keep the handles at the same height. Stick one foot in one of the straps, so that the top of your foot is facing the floor. Bend your opposite knee and lower your body until you’re in a lunge position. Then, lift up into your initial position. Repeat this for as many reps as you want, then switch legs.

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