Mixed Martial Arts: A Different Approach To Weight Loss

Mixed martial arts is booming in popularity for losing weight, toning down, bulking up and just getting into overall great physical shape.

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So, you want to lose weight? There are certainly a lot of options. You can start jogging, join a gym, or even become part of a local hiking club. But, why not try something different? Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) classes are a great way to lose weight and to learn something new. Check out these questions and answers that may help you decide if MMA is right for you.

What Happens in Mixed Martial Arts Classes?


MMA training is different in every gym, but certain aspects of training are the same everywhere you go. You might go to a conditioning class, a striking class, a grappling class, or a general Mixed Martial Arts class. Each type of class focuses on different parts of MMA. But every class provides an intense MMA or Kickboxing workouts that are sure to burn calories. MMA is a sport that requires a very advanced level of fitness, and all MMA training reflects that.

In a conditioning class, chances are that you won’t even hit a bag. The instructor will focus on building strength and improving your cardio. You may end up doing things like kettlebell swings, free weights, and box jumps. Striking classes give you a chance to learn punching and kicking techniques while you work with a partner or hit a heavy bag, and grappling classes teach you how to do joint locks and other submissions that can be used for self-defense.

What makes Mixed Martial Arts classes good for weight loss?

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Taking MMA classes is the perfect way to lose weight. Classes are fun, so you won’t dread going. You’ll burn calories with a smile on your face, making it easy for you to stick to a healthy routine.

When compared to other activities, MMA has a ridiculously high calorie burn. In a short amount of time, the HIIT format of most MMA classes has you burning through calories. Compared to jogging, cycling, and swimming, MMA classes burn through about twice as many calories.

Part of the high calorie burn is due to the intense nature of the workout. Classes are nonstop action. Kicking, punching, and grappling all expend a lot of energy. So, just imagine how intense kicking, punching, and grappling is after an hour.

Mixed Martial Arts are also great total body workout for weight loss. It doesn’t just focus on one area of the body. Instead, the workout uses almost every muscle you can imagine. Your core stays tight while you exercise, and your arms and legs tone up quickly. And you don’t need to worry about building too much muscle; MMA classes will leave you looking fit and healthy.

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Who can train in MMA classes?

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MMA isn’t limited to a certain gender or age group. It’s appropriate for anyone who wants to learn something useful while they workout. Most gyms offer classes for kids and beginners, so everyone is welcome. Although a Mixed Martial Arts gym might have some fighters, it will also have plenty of people who train for fun.

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Isn’t MMA violent?

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OK, you may have seen a few UFC fights and think that MMA is a violent sport. Although professional fighters hit each other, a majority of the people who train do it for fun. Training in MMA doesn’t mean you need to ever hit someone. While most gyms offer people the opportunity to spar, it’s usually done in protective gear and at a low intensity. Sparring is actually a lot of fun and a great way to burn calories, and rarely ends up with someone being hit hard.

Losing Weight Isn’t Easy

Losing weight is hard, so why not make things a little easier on yourself? Trying a fun new activity, like MMA, might give you the motivation you need to stick to a weight loss routine. You may end up learning a few cool moves while you do it.

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