Get In Shape With a Kickboxing Workout

Get In Shape With The Quick But Killer Kickboxing Heavy Bag Workout.

kick boxing workout

If you’ve read any of my articles, you know that I love kickboxing for weight loss. It’s an awesome way to get in shape. This 20 minute bag workout is a great beginner kickboxing workout that will shed pounds quickly.

The Heavy Bag Workout

All you need for this workout is a heavy bag and a pair of gloves. You don’t need any shoes or weights. It’s simple and it’s fast, but you have to push yourself. Before you start the workout, do some stretching and spend at least 5 minutes warming up. How you warm up is entirely up to you. Jumping jacks, jogging in place, and shadow boxing are all great ways to get your heart rate up and ready for exercise.

Below, are five different exercises for a great beginner’s kickboxing workout. You’ll be doing each exercise for two minutes with 45 seconds of ab work in between rounds. I use a free boxing timer app to keep track of my time, but you can do it any way you’d like. After you’ve finished with the five exercises, repeat the circuit once more.

1Speed punches

Standing in front of the bag, do punch as quickly as you can, alternating hands with each punch. For this exercise, don’t worry about being in a fighting stance or doing long, powerful punches. Tap the bag and pull it back as quickly as you can. Move your feet as you punch, going as fast as you can.

After your two minutes is up, immediately start 45 seconds of crunches.

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Tip: Avoid wrist injuries by punching the heavy bag as it swings away from you, punching in the direction the bag is moving, rather than trying to stop the momentum of the heavy bag with your punch.

2Alternating Knees

This kickboxing workout is a great exercise for strengthening your legs and increasing your stamina. Begin by holding the top of the bag with both of your hands, bring your right knee up. Hit the bag with your knee, then drop it quickly. As soon as your right foot hits the ground, bring your left leg up and knee with your left. Once your left foot hits the ground, knee with your right again. Eventually, you’ll get into a nice, smooth rhythm. Focus on speed.

After your two minutes is up, immediately start 45 seconds of bicycle crunches.

31-2 punch

This round, you’ll focus on power. Throw a jab, cross combination with power. Then, take a short step to the right and throw another jab, cross. Continue this until you’ve circled around the bag completely, then throw a jab, cross and take a step to the left. Continue all the way around the bag, and repeat until the time is up.

After your two minutes is up, immediately start 45 seconds of crunches.

4Power Round Kick

Just like you did in the last round, focus on power. Get in a good fighting stance and throw a right round kick. If you don’t know how, check out this article from Shape Army Learn how to Round House Kick like a Pro. As soon as your shin hits the bag, pull your leg back and start again. Kick with your right leg ten times, then switch your stance so that your right leg is forward and your left leg back. Kick with your left ten times. Switch legs, and repeat until the time is up. Don’t focus on speed as much as power.

After your two minutes is up, immediately start 45 seconds of bicycle crunches.

5Power Hooks

And yet again, this round is about power. This time, you’re going to stay in a traditional left foot forward fighting stance the whole time. Throw a powerful left hook. Follow it by a powerful right hook. Continue to alternate, timing your punches to hit the bag as it comes towards the hand that’s punching. Really dig deep for this round.

After your two minutes is up, immediately start 45 seconds of a plank.

How To Keep Losing Weight With a Kickboxing Workout

A kickboxing workout is a fitness routine that can adapt with you. As you become faster and stronger, you can change the length of the rounds or change the exercises. If you want to focus on building arm muscles, do push-ups in between rounds. Feel like having a leg day? Only do kicks. Change it up so it suits your needs and goals. Before long, you’ll lose weight fast.

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