5 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

If you are working hard to lose weight, but the scale is not reflecting your efforts, you may be committing one of these 5 common mistakes that stall weight loss.

losing weight

Are you trying to lose weight or body fat, eating healthy, following an awesome workout routine, and still not seeing the results you want? Here are 5 reasons you’re not losing weight.

5Overeating Healthy Foods

Avocados, nuts, whole wheat pasta, dark chocolate, and olive oil are all healthy, but they aren’t zero calories. You still need to be aware of how many good calories you eat. For example, avocados offers a ton of health benefits, but an entire avocado is over 200 calories. Be smart when eating your super foods for losing weight!

4Not Sleeping Enough

It’s extremely important to get enough sleep if you’re trying to lose weight. Try for 7-9 hours a night because you need energy to keep up with a strenuous workout and exercise routine. More sleep = more energy, more energy = better workouts, better workouts = more calories burned, more calories burned = happier/sexier you!

3Not Eating Breakfast

DON’T SKIP BREAKFAST! You might think that missing breakfast seems like a good way to save calories, but your body will start storing fat because it thinks it’s being starved. Breakfast helps kick-start your metabolism, and studies show that people who eat a healthy breakfast regularly lose more weight. Here is a Perfect Breakfast!

2Not Drinking Enough Water

According to recent studies, drinking water regularly can aid with losing weight, and help your skin look good, along with many other benefits. Drinking 12oz of water before a meal can help with portion control and fill you up faster, causing you to eat less.

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1Not Keeping a Food Journal

Writing down what you consume is one of the best ways to monitor your daily caloric intake. Don’t think this works? A survey of over 100 people found that those who were the most successful at losing weight monitored their food intake by keeping a food journal.

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