Top Personal Trainers & Fitness Experts on Youtube

The top fitness channels on YouTube with videos from renowned personal trainers and fitness experts covering bodybuilding, cardio workouts, nutrition and everything in between

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Whether you are a seasoned fitness buff or just beginning your journey towards a healthier lifestyle, working with a personal trainer or fitness expert is a sure sign of your commitment to your progress and success. Personal trainers and fitness pros not only provide valuable insight and instruction on various workout routines, they also buoy you up with a tidal wave of motivation, both through encouragement and accountability. And now with YouTube, anyone can benefit from expert instruction from a personal trainer or fitness expert.

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The following personal trainers and health experts have great YouTube channels and provide an incredible resource of free exercise videos and nutritional instruction, to enhance your workouts and help you reach your personal health and fitness goals.

#1. Six Pack Shortcuts

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Mike Chong has a devout following of over 3.6 million subscribers, all in the pursuit of a sculpted six-pack of rock hard abs. For great ab workouts and core exercises, as well as nutritional instruction on the best diets for bodybuilding and how to gain weight, Mike’s YouTube channel is a great resource.


#2. Maxx Chewning

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Maxx Chewning is a specimen of a man. Quickly growing in popularity, Maxx’s YouTube channel reveals his methods for achieving a strong, sculpted body, and provides excellent weight training and body building insight and instruction.


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#3. Nick Wright Bodybuilding

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Nick Wright is a ripped monster, and his YouTube channel is the place to find all things bodybuilding. With a long career as a professional body builder, his subscribers enjoy his motivational and instructional muscle building, strength training videos, the latest of which highlight Wright’s comeback to professional bodybuilding.


#4. Candito Training HQ

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Jon Candito’s bodybuilding videos will shred your muscles in a way that may leave you feeling sore for days, but his subscribers credit his intense strength training and bodybuilding routines with enhancing their overall performance and perfecting their powerlift.


#5. Gregg Plitt

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Gregg Plitt’s career as a fitness expert and motivational leader was soaring on a trajectory towards super-stardom, before he tragically passed away. But Plitt’s legacy lives on in his YouTube channel. Drawing upon his experiences as an All-American Wrestler, soldier in the U.S. military, professional sky diver, and renowned fitness instructor, Plitt’s fitness videos are some of the most motivating on YouTube.


#6. Dashama

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Dashama is well known yoga instructor, author and founder of Pranashama Yoga Institute. Dashama’s YouTube Channel provides a refreshing stillness compared to the typical loud and in-your-face fitness experts that are commonly found on YouTube. Dashama’s videos featuring meditation, yoga for beginners, fitness and nutrition, are perfect for those who want a calming, slower paced workout.


#7. Campbell Fitness

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Brandon Campbell is a notable YouTuber with a popular fitness channel. Check out Brandon’s channel for a balanced mix of free workout videos, healthy recipes, and more.


#8. Fusaro Fitness

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Matty Fusaro is a breath of fresh air in the online fitness industry, with his relatable, charming personality, and talent for teaching and motivating. His expertise focuses on fitness and nutrition, and provides valuable insight into supplements.


#9. Dana Linn Bailey

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Dana is a popular fitness expert on YouTube. Her 138k (and growing) YouTube subscribers appreciate her free fitness videos that focus on muscle building and strength training.


#10. The Tiger Fitness

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Marc Lobliner’s YouTube channel is a great resource for men and women interested in bodybuilding, especially powerlifting. Marc Lobliner shares the tips and methods he has amassed over the years as a competitive bodybuilder and powerlifter, as well as information on supplements, and healthy recipes. Much to his popularity, Lobliner also counsels his subscribers on how to balance work life, family life, and a social life simultaneously with a life that is sculpted with bodybuilding.


#11. The Fitness Marshall

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Caleb Marshall’s YouTube fitness channel brings the beat to your fitness routine with awesome dance workout videos. Caleb’s hip-hop dance exercise routines provide a fantastic cardio workout with great choreography. If your workout routine needs a fresh twist, or you are a fan of shaking your booty to sculpt that booty, you’ll enjoy the Fitness Marshall.


 Chelsea Lifts

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Chelsea Karabin’s YouTube channel is insanely popular with women who are interested in, or just beginning weight training. Beyond full body workouts and strength training videos, viewers receive expert advice on grocery shopping, healthy recipes for protein shakes, and overall encouragement and motivation from a talented and passionate fitness pro.


Tee Major Fitness

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Tee Major draws upon his background in training military personal all around the world to provide great free exercise videos that utilize calisthenic techniques. From ab exercises, to total body workouts, you’ll love Tee Major’s routines and fitness hacks.


CT Fletcher Motivation

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CT Fletcher’s videos get up in your face to get you off your butt and into the gym. CT provides instructional videos focusing on weightlifting and bodybuilding routines that include squats, deadlifts, and benchpresses. If you are someone who gets pumped up by passionate YouTube videos that reject excuses and encourage action, than this channel is for you.


K’s Perfect Fitness TV

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Kristen is a professional dancer, with a successful career as a personal trainer. Her YouTube channel is dedicated to health, nutrition and fitness, with a hearty supply of free workout videos that are targeted at toning muscle, for a lean, fit body.


Runtastic Fitness

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Lunden’s Youtube channel covers the gamete of health and fitness with informative videos on nutrition, maintaining an active lifestyle, and remaining committed to living healthy. Additionally, Runtastic offers free exercise videos that provide total body workouts for beginners.


#17. Scooby1961

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Scooby is one of the founding fathers of YouTube fitness videos. Beginning lifting at age 21, the now 55 year-old fitness expert, draws upon decades of experience to provide his subscribers with effective bodybuilding workouts, both for experts or beginners to bodybuilding, all of which can be done at home, using body weight training or inexpensive home gym equipment.

#18. Weider Publishing

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The industry leading publishers of FLEX and Muscle & Fitness magazine provide their readers with great videos on the Weider Publishing YouTube channel. If you gleam the great health and fitness resources of FLEX and Muscle and Fitness magazine, you’ll love this channel.


#19. Pure Aesthetics

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Tony Do is a 22 year old, online fitness coach prodigy. This young man is ripped, and his videos provide fresh insights and instruction into weightlifting, body building, and overall fitness. This fitness channel is ideal for those training for a bodybuilding competition or for those who just want to enhance their strength and build up muscle.


#20. Hunt Fitness TV

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Kyle Hunt is another prodigy of online fitness coaching. Kyle is an ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer and provides evidence based health and fitness videos, clearly explained and passionately delivered. This is a great channel for motivation and will help you take your workouts to the next level.


#21. Bios 3 Training

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Jerry Ward, also known as the Diet Guy, promotes the BioS3Training system that synthesizes optimal nutrition, strength training, and cardio, for fast, effective results. Jerry delivers his successful training system in a no-nonsense, straight-forward fashion that motivates you to get up and get moving.


#22. Big J’s Extreme Fitness

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Jason English is credited for super effective high intensity workouts, that offer quick results, but also prioritize safety. Jason’s videos are great for everyone from beginners who are still learning correct form, to fitness buffs, who have ample experience but want fast results with low risk of injury.


#23. Christian Guzman Fitness

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Christian Guzman is a fitness expert who runs his own gym and showcases his workout results as a professional model. His popular YouTube channel provides tricks and tips on nutrition and fitness, encouraging viewers to work hard and play hard.


#24. Sarah Grace Fitness

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Personal Trainer, model, and CrossFit competitor, Sarah shares her tips and techniques in weekly video uploads that include killer muscle building workouts, like bicep curls, dead lifts, and back squats.


#25. Super Training 06

bodybuilding videos

Super Training 06 is the official YouTube channel of Mark Bell, renowned powerlifter, retired professional wrestler, and owner of one of the most hardcore gyms in America. Considered the go to source for powerlifting info, Mark’s channel provides insights into nutritional eating, weight lifting, body building, and strength training.


#26. Lisa Maree

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Lisa Maree is a dance prodigy, beginning her dance career at the age of three. Her YouTube channel has some of the best dance workout videos available on the internet, covering a wide range of dancing styles and strength training exercises including ballet barre exercises, core exercises, and workouts optimized to tone and hone your booty.

#27. Blogilates

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Cassey Ho’s YouTube channel posts Pilates videos that are fun, entertaining, and super effective for sculpting the muscles for a toned, lean body.


#28. Rachel Guy

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Rachel Guy is a famous Australian strength training and conditioning coach. Her YouTube channel is a great resource for strength and conditioning videos geared towards women.


#29. Strength Camp

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Elliott Hulse’s popular YouTube channel provides great fitness and exercise videos that are aimed towards helping you reach your personal health and wellness goals.  His workout videos are effective, and his philosophy of helping you become the strongest version of yourself is motivating.


#30. Get MEAN Fitness

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Get MEAN fitness is focused on improving one’s overall well being through health and fitness. Created by Jake Pitts and Matt Yannis, Get MEAN’s YouTube channel is renowned for its high intensity circuit workouts. The channel provides a personal touch with workout diaries and features delicious, healthy recipes.


#31. Get Your Fit On With Tara

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Health and fitness coach, Zumba instructor and founder of the Tone & Tease System, Tara’s YouTube channel is a great resource for blood pumping, beat thumping, dance exercise videos.


#32. Lex Fitness

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Lex Fitness’ YouTube channel is loved for its fun and informative health and fitness videos that debunk popular fitness myths, provide micro calculated meal ideas, and go over essential training do’s and dont’s.


#33. Scott Herman Fitness

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Scoot Herman is a licensed personal trainer. His expertly crafted fitness videos are geared towards high intensity workouts that will build muscle, enhance endurance, develop stamina, and increase strength.


#34. Michael Kory Fitness Channel

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Michael Kory’s YouTube channel focuses on bodybuilding, weight training, and powerlifting. Along with free exercise videos that will enhance your weight lifting and body building routines, Michael provides healthy recipes that are perfect for gaining weight and building muscle.


#35. Rogue Fitness

home gym equipment

Rogue Fitness, the well known manufacturer of exercise and home gym equipment, provides their YouTube subscribers with the latest developments in the exercise equipment industry as well as great exercises to use with your home workout equipment. You can also check out this channel for footage from the CrossFit Games.


#36. Superhero Fitness TV

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Keaira LaShae is a licensed fitness trainer with an impressive dancing background. Her YouTube channel provides great info on how to stay fit and healthy, and is especially popular for its fun and effective dance workout videos and fitness challenges.


#37. Biolayne

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Dr. Layne Norton has both brawn and brains. With a PhD in nutritional science, Dr. Norton is a great resource for science based advice and instruction on bodybuilding, weight lifting, and overall fitness and nutrition.


#38. Yoga With Adriene

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Adriene Mishler’s YouTube channel is a great resource for beginner’s yoga. Her free yoga videos are easy to follow, tone the body and hone the mind, and are a great way to start the day. Check out her 30 Days of Yoga Challenge.

#39. Team DNA Fitness

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Team DNA is a fitness group that puts out great YouTube videos focused towards an audience searching for ways to take their workouts to the next level. Check out their videos that provide great workouts for the gym, the park, or the comfort of your own living room.

#40. POPSUGAR Fitness

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POPSUGAR has a YouTube fitness channel that highlights the internet’s most popular workouts, healthy recipes and the latest trends in health and fitness.


#41. Nikki Blackketter

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YouTuber’s in search of refreshing, fun health and fitness videos love Nikki Blackketter’s Youtube channel. Nikki is popular for her 7 Days of HIIT Challenge and she provides her expertise in fitness with free workout videos and macro coaching.


#42. Get Fit With Leyla

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Leyla Naghizada focuses on health in body and in mind, with her YouTube channel. Leyla provides delicious healthy recipes for clean eating, including Vegan Brownies. Her videos also cover workout routines and counsel on how to eliminate stress from your life.


#43. Steve Cook

fitness expert

Steve Cook draws upon his career as a college football player and professional body builder to deliver fitness and workout videos that emphasize a life style that is balance mentally, physically, and spiritually.


#44. Omar Isuf

bodybuilding expert

Omar Isuf experienced an amazing physical transformation and has taken to YouTube to share the secrets behind his success. This nutritionalist and personal trainer provides free exercise videos full of workouts and healthy living tips.

#45. Jessica Smith TV

fitness expert

Jessica Smith is a professional personal trainer and wellness coach who makes health and fitness fun with high energy, full length workout videos and motivational fitness challenges.


#46. Rob Riches

personal trainer

Rob Riches is a natural fitness competitor and model. He reveals the tips and methods that helped him develop his impressive physique and provides videos that include full training sessions, nutritional advice and healthy recipes.


#47. Tony Horton Fitness TV

personal trainer

Tony Horton, celebrity fitness expert and the creator of P90X and other revolutionary health and fitness programs provides great workouts on his YouTube channel that blend cardio, strength training, fitness and philosophy for achieving you health and weight loss goals.


#48. Sarah Fit TV

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Popular fitness blogger, Sarah Dussault provides a cornucopia of nutritional advice, on her YouTube channel. This is a great resource for healthy recipes, weight loss tips, fat burning exercising, and healthy eating and Sarah’s passion for healthy living is contagious.


#49. Davey Wavey Fitness

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Davey Wavey is a YouTube sensation that provides viewers with fun and interesting videos that focus on nutrition, fitness, and debunking popular health and fitness misconceptions. Davey’s channel also has an impressive library of free workout videos.




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