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New York City can be a place for every kind of activity under the sun.

Running is a great one—for both New Yorkers and tourists alike. There are more than 15 marathons to run in NYC within the next three months alone. So tie up your best running shoes because New York City will have the place for you to stretch those legs. Physical health plays a large role in keeping your mind healthy, so always be ready to run, and consider the parks of the City while you’re at it.

East River Run

east river run

The East River Run can be found near the top of Central Park right where the RFK Bridge sits. Running through NYC’s parks is always an exciting excursion of people, local sites, and beautiful terrain designed by the City’s authorities.

This running route, situated by the river, can be accessed at any time of the day, week, month and year. You’ll have no delays or detours when engaging in a run alongside the East River here. The duration of your run will have you panting through a 16.07-mile stretch that offers shortcuts for convenience and commuter transportation.

A well-respected addition to the Run is the lack of foot or vehicle traffic during your exercise. This location gives you a taste of seclusion as you complete your workout for the day. For anyone living in New York or visiting, we all know this type of R&R is rare for such a large metropolis. Whenever you have the opportunity to run in peace, be sure to take hold of life and do it.

But, you’ll want to consider other running routes the City has to offer. Creating a varied list of locations can be the difference between boredom with a routine and exciting fun with another. Be sure to change up your routes and make the most of what NYC has to offer for you pavement pounders.

Five Bridges Run

Five Bridges Run

The Five Bridges Run is a local favorite that enters and exits roughly three boroughs of New York City. If you’re looking to see much of what New York offers while you run, this route will be waiting for you. The Five Bridges Run takes you 16.68 miles through a good portion of New York City. The meeting points consist of the 59th St. Bridge, the Manhattan Bridge, the Williamsburg Bridge, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Pulaski Bridge.

There’s one consideration you’ll have to make regarding this route. Traffic that you’ll share space with consists of commuters, bikers, and pedestrians. This makes early mornings and Sunday visits primetime for this 16-mile jog. You’ll enjoy the peace and an increased heart rate for a long, fulfilling life of health.

Hudson River

The Hudson River is a great running scene for the tourists in the City. You’ll run this stretch from Battery Park to the Bronx, and the route is accessible from many New York locations. Unlike the previous routes, this one only goes for roughly 9 miles. At 14th Street and 79th, you’ll find shortcuts if those areas have destinations you intend to see.

Tourists on this route will get a chance to spot the George Washington Bridge, Chelsea Piers, the Statue of Liberty, art installations and the USS Intrepid. Early morning and evenings are best for space and ease of traffic.

Central Park Loop

The Central Park Loop is a winding trail that returns you back from whence you began your run. The best part is that you can enter the loop from anywhere in the park. The surface is paved, and there are restrooms and water fountains along the way.

There’ll be people mingling, you’ll pass the Central Park Boathouse and the newly renovated Tavern on the Green. If you want to miss the crowds, however, consider arriving between 8 and 9a.m.

There are so many places to run in the City that we couldn’t list them all. For that reason, we’re going to leave you with a comprised list of places that may be suitable for your level of experience and sense of adventure.

You can check these places out: West Side Hwy Run—18 miles, Carroll Gardens—6.15 miles, Dalyn’s New York Walk—9.46, Southern Tip—9.21 miles, Prospect Park—17.16 miles, Williamsburg Bridge—6.53 miles, South Manhattan Loop—13.37 miles, and West & South that’s roughy 5 miles. So take the trails with all the ambition you can muster, and let your mind wonder on the running routes of New York City.

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