Fitness Myth You Need to Know About

fitness myth

There are many myths when it comes to burning calories, but this fitness myth you need to know about. Body composition plays a large role in how many calories you will burn during a cardio workout. If you find yourself going by the number of calories you burn during a cardio session strictly based on what the machine tells you, then you aren’t getting a true calorie count, and here is why.

Many machines today do not ask for your height let alone your body fat percentage. That said, if two people of similar weight are doing equal levels of cardio the one with a lower body fat percentage and higher lean body mass will burn more calories. Unfortunately the machines would give each user similar readings. Instead of looking at the “cals” counter, push yourself, use the resistance levels, distance traveled, and duration on the machine to measure your session.

If today you are able to run 2 miles on a 3% incline in 16 minutes, try and run further in the same amount of time the next day. Or, if you are a beginner, then start with a goal of 20-30 minutes going as far as you can in the allotted time period. As you are able to travel further, try some intervals, and increase the resistance.

Tip: Keep a log of your cardio, workouts, and calories consumption. This will be helpful in goal setting and pushing yourself to reach your goals.

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