Sir Mix-A-Lot Inspired Booty Workout

We’ve found a great instructional video to help you learn about the six best exercises you can do to get a phenomenal booty. Check out this Baby Got Back video as you follow the instructions below to make certain your form and technique are right to maximize results.

Do each of these moves for 45 seconds, rest 15 seconds and then if your knees and backside are up to it, repeat one or two times. Doing these moves properly will increase your mobility and strengthen muscles that don’t just make you look good, but also will help you move without pain for years to come.


Starting at the very bottom – your feet should be pointed forward or slightly outward if you have ongoing hip problems. If you want to add a bit of oomph, then raise your big toe and keep it raised through the entire squat and return. Your knees should also point forward. Watch to make sure they do not begin to turn inward during your drop down or return. Keep your back and shoulders straight while also keeping your head up and eyes looking mainly forward. Focus on a spot 8-10 feet on the ground ahead of you too. Now do your squat. If you are new to this, build your depth at a comfortable rate. Your goal is to eventually do a full drop squat, but if you have knee problems, don’t push beyond what your body can bear.

Alternating forward lunges.

Again, toes and knees forward, back, neck, and shoulders straight, while keeping your head up and eyes looking about 8-10 feet ahead of you. Hands remain on your hips and will help with your balance. If you start with the left side for every exercise you do, it will be easy to remember to end on the right side. Now, step forward with your left foot far enough that your bent knee is slightly behind and above your toe. The advanced move on this is to lift that big toe giving an added stretch to the back of your calf and leg muscles. If you can do it, that’s great, but don’t sacrifice proper form in the process. Drop your back knee and body as far down as you can without causing pain or damage to your knees. Your goal is not only to get a great booty, but to strengthen your knees and leg muscles, so increase the depth of your lunges over time at a pace that works for you.

Glute kickbacks.

Your starting position is on your hands and knees. Think of this move as if you are kicking back and up, like a donkey. Use your hands, other knee and toes to stabilize your kick. The higher you can get your kick the more you will work the glute muscles, but keep your back as straight as possible and support your back by keeping your ab muscles tightly pulled into your center. While you’re working one leg, keep it off the ground for as many reps as possible, pulling your knee toward your chest as tight as you can before reversing to kick out and up again. If you need to set your knee back on the ground to reestablish balance or form, do so. Over time, you will develop the ability to work each leg without stopping. Do one leg at a time for about 20-25 seconds and then switch to the other leg. Repeat one to two times if you are up for it.

Side lunges.


Keep to the same instructions for toes, knees, back, neck, shoulders, and head as in alternating forward lunges. Start with your hands on your hips, but as you step to the side (beginning with your left leg) move your hands to a position like a prayer grip in front of your body. Find a comfortable hold since this helps you maintain balance. Over time, you could also add a free weight to your handgrip. Keep the non-lunging leg straight and bend the knee of the lunging leg. Keep both knees and feet facing forward and allow your hips to shift with the lunging leg. Your back should remain straight and supported by your abs while your eyes look forward and slightly down.

Reverse lunges.

Keep to the same instructions for toes, knees, back, neck, shoulders, and head as in alternating forward lunges. This one can look very much like you’re doing forward lunges, but instead of stepping forward with the lunging leg, you are stepping backward. You can start with your arms to the side, and elbows bent to help your balance. Stepping backward can be a bit more challenging because of the balance issues, but your form should remain with your back, shoulders, and head straight. Don’t worry if you are a little shaky when you do this move, even experts often have a little shake to their reverse lunges. Step back as far as you are comfortable doing while still maintaining your form. The more you do these lunges, the deeper you can go, but never sacrifice your form or balance to go deeper.

Hip thrusters.

Your starting position is on the ground laying on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat. You also want to push your back flat to the ground while pulling your ab muscles in and tight. Imagine that you are trying to pull your ab muscles through to your back and also touching the ground. This will stabilize your form, but also allows you to get the maximum impact by working your core muscles along with the glutes. While keeping your shoulders pinned to the ground and your back and abs flat, lift your hips while your feet and shoulders maintain contact with the ground and thrust your hips upward. Start slowly to make sure you know and use proper form. Once you establish the form, you can do these at double time, but change the speed up often. Slow and steady will give that satisfying burn in the muscles, fast can amp up the fun now and then.

You’ll notice some of the instructions don’t seem to have anything to do with form, such as where to look. Most people when they are moving, especially while learning the mechanics of a new exercise, can have balancing issues. Looking forward and slightly down helps your brain maintain balance. After you get really good at doing these moves, you can kick up the impact by doing them with your eyes shut. That adds difficulty to the move for most people because then they also have to work to maintain their balance.

As you do these six moves, you’ll build great glutes. But you will also strengthen core muscles and your legs. Do your squats, lunges, kicks, and thrusts to make Sir Mix-A-Lot drool. But, you will also ensure maximum pain-free mobility along with that great butt for many years to come.

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