Best At-Home Workout Equipment

So you want to begin that workout journey. Maybe money is tight, or you don’t want to fork out for a gym membership each month. Well, working out at home is completely doable. If you have a couple of tools, it can take your fitness to the next level or give you more options.

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If you’ve enjoyed workout classes, but hate all the prep time, and drive time, and then driving home afterward. Especially since driving home there are several fast-food stops that seem to sweetly shout your name. Try a video or two posted on Working out in the comfort of your home can be the best after a long day.

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Jump rope.

Go old school with this piece of at home workout equipment. Jump rope is incredible cardio and won’t take long before you are gasping for breath and sweating up a storm. About 30 seconds in, you’ll wonder how you ever did this as a kid for such long stretches. Of course, you already know the answer, because you did it frequently, you can get there again too. If you’re up to some grueling workouts, a jump rope costs next to nothing and will kick your tail feathers really good.

Kettlebells and dumbbells.

Everyone should be doing some weight training a couple of times a week. Especially since weight training is shown to help you lose weight, just as much, if not more than cardio workouts. To lose weight with weight training, you don’t have to do large weights, but lifting weight has been proven to keep your bones stronger and gives you muscle tone to protect your body from injuries that happen sometimes with other exercise programs. If you haven’t done them before, start with two sets of dumbbells with a set of 3 lb. weights. and a set of 5 lb. weights. If you need to wait until your next paycheck, but want to start now, use a couple of one-liter drink bottles, they weigh almost 2 lbs. each and will do nicely in a pinch.

When those are no longer a challenge, add in kettlebells. They come in a wide range of weights. Since you may not know what weight to start with, consider one that is sold at Target only online that is about $20 and maximum weight is 12 lbs. But it has two weights that can be taken off, so it allows for three different weights in one kettlebell. That seems like it would be a good starter piece with minimum investment. Once you know what you really like, then invest in a better set with more options.

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Yoga Mat.

Yes, you should have one even if you never have any intention of doing yoga or Pilates. A Yoga mat is an essential part of your at home work out equipment collection. A yoga mat will cushion your joints when you are standing for exercises while also providing a non-slip surface, making many moves safer. When you are doing exercise down on the floor, the padding helps a lot, and it is just enough to cushion without causing balance issues. Finally, while it is still rolled up use it to stretch out the back muscles. It is perfect to lay on, supporting your back while you get that needed stretch. You can find these in different sizes, colors, and shapes. Shop the internet for one that looks like it will work for you. This may be the largest investment on this list, but it’s worth it.

If you’ve been using money as your reason for not getting active, stop. Even if you don’t want to do any of the above, you can always get out on your two little feet and hoof it for a few extra minutes every day.

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