Best Ab Workouts For a Flat Stomach and Six Pack Abs

Tighten a flat stomach and sculpt some killer six pack abs, with these great ab workouts and core workouts that are way beyond your mundane crunch or sit up.

Working out can be a great experience with tremendous rewards. Much of what we love most are those exercises that will rip and strengthen the abs, however. Here, you will find a list of the best ab workouts that provide results, burns fat, and sculpt your body the way you want.

Ab Workouts: Arms High Partial Sit-up

This is a great core workout. Just find your typical sit-up position. Now reach toward the sky with your arm and keep them there. From there, you continue your basic sit-up as arms remain in an upward reach.

Ab Workouts: Barbell Rollout

For many, equipment options can be few and far in between. By taking the barbell, you already have, you can use it as a rollout to work out those abs. Simply get on your knees and roll your upper body forward and back while reaching out to grasp your barbell.

Ab Workouts: Russian Twist


For your upper body and torso, these ab workouts will get you lean and strong. Take one weight off your barbell and hold the weighted end with both hands. The weightless end should be on the ground and used as a pivot point to put resistance on your torso as you also pivot.

Ab Workouts: Exercise Ball Crunch

We all love our stability balls, but not all of us use them. By sitting on yours, you can then get into a sit-up position and increase the impact of your ab workouts because having to balance on the ball while doing your sit-up forces you to increase your ab muscle stability strength. This is a great way to get fit. It’s also a great way exercise for getting rid of lower back pain by building up the muscles in your core.

Ab Workouts: The Dip Raise Combo

dip combo

Here is a killer ab workout that requires some coordination. When you have two horizontal beams for gripping, you can hold your body up with arms straight in a typical pull up formation. Dip down from there and then swing your legs forward and upward as your arms raise you toward the beams.

Ab Workouts: Flutter Kicks


Most people would say that flutter kicks are a pain. They are. Lay on your back; raise your heels roughly six inches and then create a scissor-like motion while keeping your legs above the ground. We’re trying to get you tight abs here.

Ab Workouts: Frontal Squats

You’ll either love or hate this ab exercise. Squats will work the core like nothing else. Just be sure to keep your back straight and squat down to a 90-degree bend in your knees. Keep your bent knees slightly behind where your toes are to get the maximum results.

Ab Workouts: Cable Woodchop


There are many techniques to apply when using cables to workout your core. By standing erect, you can then hold cable harnesses out before you then twist your upper body in the opposite direction. If you keep the picture of chopping wood to the of where you are standing, that’s the motion you want. You’ll be targeting the obliques and inner core with every move.

Ab Workouts: Leg Raise

leg raise

As long as you have furniture, you’ll be able to do these great core workoutss. Just lie on your back, grab hold of something like a bench when it’s situated above your head, and from there, slowly raise and lower your legs while keeping together. The more you can do without bringing your legs back to the ground, the bigger will be the impact on your muscles.

Ab Workouts: Russian Twist with a Medicine Ball

Believe it or not, these are not just for boxers. This is an ab exercise sure to rip up that abdominal. From a seated position with your legs out in front of you, hold a medicine ball outward and twist from side to side.

Ab Workouts: Mountain Climbers with Medicine Ball

Now take your standard alternation of legs with mountain climbers and place your hands instead on a medicine ball. This move increases the impact as you are forced to not only do the mountain climbers, but to hold your body in balance on that tricky medicine ball.

Ab Workouts: Plank


The plank is a standard ab exercise that provides great results for the inner core. Simply assume a pushup position but with your elbows on the ground. Hold for up to 15 seconds at a time or more. Keep the line from your shoulders to your knees (or feet) as straight as possible.

Ab Workouts: Plank to Superman

Here’s another ab exercise that requires some coordination. With your average stability ball, you can assume the plank position with arms stretched to the floor. From here, you’ll then bring your legs to you without bending them. This is while the stability ball rolls with your legs. Repeat and enjoy.

Ab Workouts: Pull to Knee Raise

By taking a typical pull-up and then raising your knees toward your chin, you enhance a common exercise and invigorate your abs.

Ab Workouts: Push-up Rocket

These are push-ups with a bit of an explosion involved. Once you are down within a push-up rep, simply explode upward so your body and arms elevate above the ground surface.

Ab Workouts: Reverse Resistance Crunch

This is a standard exercise that you know. What you can do to enhance it is add a resistance band attached to your feet’s arc while holding the loose end in your hands. Now you can have resistance when returning to your starting position in a crunch rep.

Ab Workouts: Seated Knee Tuck with Medicine Ball

When you find a bench to work from, be sure to sit perpendicularly on it. Place a medicine ball between your ankles and then stretch your legs out. From here, simply lift your legs while bending your knees to the chest, bring them down and repeat.

Ab Workouts: Side Plank

A side plank works all necessary muscles for a great six pack. Use the same method with your elbows for plank, but use only one to remain in position on either your left or right side.

Ab Workouts: Sit-up and Throw

Do a routine sit-up but with a medicine ball. When you reach your knees, simply throw the ball to a wall or partner. Catch the ball on the return so that you can have it when you recline back down.

Ab Workouts: Suitcase Deadlift

This is like a normal deadlift. The difference is that you keep the barbell by one side: either the left or right. From there, bend at the hips and use one arm to grip the barbell and then lift using legs to raise you.

Sculpting a Flat Stomach and Chiseling Killer Six Pack Abs

These are great ab exercises and core workouts for women who want a flat stomach and men who want killer six pack abs. But it’s important to remember that ab workouts cannot specifically target the fat around your midsection to get rid of belly fat. “Spot Reduction” is a widely publicized fallacy in the fitness community. If you want to lose belly fat, you need to lose body fat all together.  While these ab workouts cannot target belly fat specifically, these strength training routines are better than cardio oftentimes for burning fat and losing weight.

So, if you’ve been looking for a jammed pack way for tightening your abs, then be sure to try these great ab workouts. With proper diet and regular exercise, these ab workouts will get results.

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