Ultimate List of Apps for Fitness and Weight Loss

Want some help making, tracking and reaching your fitness goals. There’s an app for that. Here is a list of our favorite fitness apps.

Calorie Counter -My Fitness Pal

myfintnesspal175x175With MyFitnessPal app, fitness goals aren’t a one size fits all approach. With the easy sign up process, this app customizes fitness goal for the individual. With over 5 million foods in their database, users can easily track their calorie intake. While this app offers many great resources (fitness analysis, reminders, community support group, and ability to integrate with other fitness apps), the main purpose of this app is to keep users mindful of what they are eating, and therefore accountable for their own health.

Cost: Free. Premium option available: $9.99 a month or $49.99 a year
Channels available: iPhone, Android, Windows.


175x175_21_Lose_ItThis easy to use app, allows users to track their calories and exercise. With the barcode scanner, keeping track of calories is quick. Also, LoseIt remembers past food entries, so if you eat yogurt every morning, the My Foods link will list your most logged food. In addition, this app connects you with your friends to keep you motivated and to share recipes with.

Free. Premium option available $39.99 a year
Channels available: iPhone. Android. Nook, Kindle


175x175_5_EndomondoEndomondo understands that not all exercise has to be in the gym. This app is perfect for people who love the outdoors. Users are able to select from a large list of exercises (bicycling, swimming, hiking, or even golf) and set goals based on their time or distance. Endomondo is a free application, but users will notice the limited access to all that the app offers. With a premium subscription, users will gain access to personal training plans, statistics, interval training, and an audio coach.

Cost: Free. Premium Subscription Option – $5.99 per month or $29.99 yearly
Channels available: iPhone, Android, Windows, and Blackberry

7 Minute Workout

175x175_1_7_Minute_WorkoutScientific research has identified that duration of workouts aren’t as effective as high intensity interval training. The workout includes 12 exercises, however, don’t assume these 12 exercises will be easy. Each exercise lasts 30 seconds, with a 10 second break. By alternating intense upper and lower body exercises, the part of the body not exercising is able to relax. While these exercises do not require any resistance, some argue that resistance is needed to build strength and muscle.

Cost: Free. In app purchases available from $1.99 per item
Channels available: iPhone, Android.


175x175_14_RunKeeperRunKeeper is a GPS based fitness app. Runners are able to view their route on their phone. Includes an audible coach, that not only informs runners of their pace, time, and distance, but serves as a great motivator. Each run is recorded and can be viewed online or on your phone. The home screen displays a comparison of last months activity with the current months activity. Although this app focuses on running, it also allows users to manually add an activity, so if you are on a hike and realize that you forgot your Fitbit and phone, you can still record your activity.

Cost: Free. In-app purchases available $0.99 – $39.99 per item
Channels available: iPhone, Android


175x175_7_FitocracyGet rewarded for every time you work out. Fitocracy takes on a gaming approach, where points are given to go up a level, earn badges, or complete bonus quests. Users can also take advantage of free workout routines from expert coaches. Become a “hero” (premium features), and create workout duels with friends. With the ability to track hundreds of exercises and being awarded App of the Year by Men’s Health, users will not be disappointed.

Cost: Free. Become a Hero $4.99 a month or $44.99 a year.
Channels available: iPhone, Android


175x175_18_FitbitThe American Heart Association recommends that people take 10,000 steps a day (equivalent to 5 miles). Since users activity is synced to their mobile phones real-time from their FitBit, users will be amazed how small decisions (such as walking around the office during breaks) can make a huge impact on the number of steps they achieve per day. Want to practice for the Great Wall of China Marathon? Even better. FitBit can also track the number of stairs you step per day.* This app also tracks sleep, water consumption, calorie intake, calories burned, and active minutes.

Cost: Free. Premium Subscription Option – $49.99 per year.
Channels available: iPhone, Android, Windows
*Based on Fitbit model.

UP by Jawbone

175x175_10_Jawbone_UP_0UP by Jawbone tracks your daily activity, but takes fitness a step further with a Smart Coach. The Smart Coach analyzes activity history and will deliver a customized plan to help users reach goals and milestones. Users can also track their moods. Users can also customize alerts such as idle time and setting an alarm to wake up based on the most optimal time.

Cost: Free
Channels available: iPhone, Android

Sworkit Lite

108083-sworkit-proOnly have 20 minutes? Not a problem. Sworkit is designed to fit anyone’s schedule. Users choose the area they want to work and the time limit, and the app will deliver videos and instructions throughout the entire workout. Make it a family workout with Sworkit Kids App. While the majority of the features are only available with Swirkout Pro, this fun and convenient app is perfect for those with busy lifestyles.

Cost: Free. Swirkout Pro $3.99
Channels available: iPhone, Android, Amazon

JEFIT Workout Tracker Gym Log

jefit175x175With over 1300+ weight training exercises, users can build their own exercise routines. They can also feel confident they are doing the exercise correctly, since these exercises have animations and detailed instructions with how to perform the exercise. Users can also preload the weight and reps based on their history or goals. The features this app provides is perfect for bodybuilders.

Cost: Free. In-app purchases available $0.99 – $39.99 per item. Premium options available: Pro: $4.99 (one time) or Elite $4.99 per month or $39.99 a year
Channels available: iPhone, Android

If we are missing some great ones please let us know in the comments below.


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