7 Top Reasons to Workout With Your Partner

Couples workouts can offer more motivation, help you achieve your fitness goals & develop a healthier relationship with your significant other.


Working out takes dedication and motivation. Often, it may seem much more tempting to lounge on the couch and watch reruns of your favorite sitcoms while gorging on little cheesecake bites. So why not spice things up a bit and begin working out with your significant other? Couples workouts can offer extra motivation and encouragement, helping each workout partner to meet their own and their partner’s goals. Not to mention that couples workouts provides opportunities to spend some quality time with your significant other.

Besides, chances are you’re apart from each other a lot during the week because of work and other commitments that keep you away in different places. Why not turn working out into a time you can reconnect and bond? Check out these top seven reasons why you might want to seriously consider couples workouts with your partner:

Couples Workouts Provide Quality time


One of the best ways to decompress from the workday is to hit up the gym for your couples workouts. Spend some quality time together catching up on your work days and complaining about co-workers and bosses while doing a hill workout on the elliptical, or between reps of bicep curls.

Take the Couples Workout Outdoors

You don’t have to confine your workouts to the gym. Taking a power walk through your neighborhood will get the blood pumping just as effectively. You spend enough time away from each other during the day as it is, why would you want to work out apart as well?

Share Your Mutual Interest for Fitness


If you both workout separately, it’s probably a shared interest. Incorporate this into your relationship by adding it to the list of shared interests and hobbies that you can do together as a family. Whether it’s biking, running, hiking, weight training, what have you, it’s always great when couples share interests because you’ll be happier and have a more fulfilling relationship.

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Couples Workouts Provide Support and Motivation


There’s no one in the world that will support you and can motivate you as well as your partner does. Your partner wants to see you succeed in your goals, and will push you to keep going along the way.

Couples Workouts Develop Healthy Competition

Chances are, you both have your own workout goals – whether it’s weight loss, training for an upcoming marathon, strength training competition or something else. A healthy dose of competition won’t hurt either. Things like competing to see who can log more steps in a day or who can bike the most miles in a week will help push you and your partner towards achieving your health and fitness goals. By working out together, you can motivate each other and cheer each other on as you each reach your goal. It’s fun to have someone to celebrate successes with.

Developing a Deeper Connection Through Couples Workouts


It’s no secret that exercising releases endorphins in your brain making you feel happier and less stressed. But did you know that it also increases the libido and evokes intimate feelings? This is great for relationships! Who would have thought that working out together could actually have a positive impact on the more intimate side of your relationship? Learn more about the relationship between fitness and a healthy love life > >.

Building Relationships in the Gym Builds Relationships at Home

In fact, studies show that couples who regularly exercise together have a better, healthier sex life than couples who don’t work out together. Just something to consider…

Developing Mutual Respect with a Workout Buddy


Taking care of yourself shows that you respect yourself and want to be the best and healthiest person you can be. It also shows your partner you respect them enough to take care of yourself. If you work out together, that respect goes both ways, resulting in a happier and more fulfilling relationship.

Bring More Balance in Your Workout Routines

Often, women who work out alone favor cardio workouts, while men who workout alone tend to favor strength training. Both kinds of exercise have benefits, and when couples work together, both get a more balanced workout that includes both cardio and strength training. You might even learn — and like — workouts you wouldn’t otherwise consider trying before working out with your partner.

A Workout Buddy Provides Exercise Safety


Strength training, running, biking, hiking…there are many different workouts out there that are safer when you have a workout buddy. Who better to watch your back than the one who cares about you most?

Take it to the Next Level with Couples Workouts

So there you have it. A nice list of reasons why you should consider dragging your partner along with you on your next workout. You are apart too often during the workweek. Turn workouts into a time to catch up on gossip, bond, and try new things.


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