5 Ways To Lose Fat Faster

When is the perfect time to reach your get-lean fitness goals? Not tomorrow, not next week, the time is now! Here are 5 ways to lose fat faster and boost your workout routines into overdrive.

1.High Intensity Interval Training 

HIIT is more time efficient in caloric expenditure than a traditional cardio workout. Not only will your body burn more calories during HIIT workouts, but you will also continue to burn more calories and fat in the 24 hours after a HIIT workout.

2. Lift Weights

When it comes to exercise, you have to train with weights to increase lean mass. The bigger the muscles, the bigger your fat-burning capabilities are. Yes, adding muscle means increases in your ability to burn fat.

3. Stop Trying to Spot Reduce

If you think doing 99999 crunches will get you a six-pack, you are mistaken. It seems these days that everyone knows that trying to spot reduce a specific body part’s fat content doesn’t work, yet nearly everyone seems to continue to attempt to do so. The body loses fat as a system, so we need to focus on overall body fat loss to get those abs showing. Do some high intensity interval training or mix up your lifting routine.

4. Train With A Partner Or In A Group

I don’t know about you, but I have had those month’s where I felt as if I was making zero gains. Sometimes all we need is a little motivation. A good gym partner can pull you out of a plateau and kickstart you back into full gear. Just when you think you can’t do that last rep, you have your partner there to make sure you do it.

5. Track Your Meals

I can’t stress enough that one of the most important ways to ensure that you continue to eat healthy is to be aware of everything that you put into your body. When you track what you eat, it provides you with a great visual on the calories you’re ingesting, but it’s also a good way to really think about what you’re putting in your body at every meal.

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